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    by Sarah Ravensdale - Tuesday, 10 March 2020, 1:30 PM


    We are still missing a couple of permission forms for tomorrow. Please don't forget the $6 fee, which covers the bus and entrance fee. Studens are reminded to bring swim gear, a towel, and a warm change of clothing.

    FR: We will be working more on Discours Friday during our homeroom-based FAAS ...

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    Actualite: Each student will present once this year on a news story to the class. Presentations will take place Friday in 4th block. As there is only one day available for each student, it is essential that students are present and ready to go...Students must follow instructions given on the ACTUALITE criteria sheet. Article chosen must relate to Social Studies and be able to generate student conversation. Students must cite their source so please try your best to ensure that it is a reliable source.

    Socials: PARENTS: Your child was introduced today to a project on Ancient Egypt that we are commencing. The written work will be completed at school. The visual component of the project will be completed at home. Your child should be coming to talk to you today or tomorrow about what they plan to do for the visual component and what they will need your assistance with. IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE GO-AHEAD FOR THIS PROJECT FROM ME, IT WILL REQUIRE THAT YOU EMAIL ME COFIRMATION THAT YOUR CHILD HAS DISCUSSED THE VISUAL PART OF THE PROJECT WITH YOU, INCLUDING WHAT DAYS YOU (and THEY) HAVE AVAILABLE TO COLLECT MATERIALS AND WORK ON THE PROJECT BEFORE THE DUE DATE.

    Please keep in mind that careful planning of when the project will be worked on at home will be essential in order to make sure the project is completed on time. It will be due Feb. 6/7. The project cannot be commenced before confirmation is received. If your child has not come to see you about it by the evening of Friday the 17th, they will not have this weekend to work on the project...


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